Hawkins Coffee’s wide range is selected from the finest pure coffees from Central America, Africa and the Far East. Carefully blended, roasted and ground, it is specially packed in foil sachets and bags for guaranteed freshness and flavour.

Unlike many of our competitors all our coffee is roasted by our trusted partners in the UK and only Arabica beans are used. This is also true in our Espresso Blends. It is Hawkins Coffee Company’s policy to ensure each of our customers receive the highest quality product, in terms of freshness and price. Our coffee is roasted every week and is delivered to all our customers on a weekly basis (sometimes twice weekly). This is to ensure that the coffee held be the customer is always fresh and to ensure valuable storage space is not utilised by boxes of coffee,

Coffee is a commodity, which is dealt on the Word Trade Market thus causing fluctuations in prices almost daily. Hawkins Coffee endeavours to monitor these fluctuations and pass on any gains to our customer base wherever possible.

Due to the complexities in our vast client base, from Café’ s to Hotel chains we do not advertise a fixed selling price. Each customer is evaluated on usage and location. Each evaluation is periodically updated thus allowing us to be competitive in the local market.

Please speak to one of our Sales team who will be only willing to discuss the range and prepare a price package suitable to your needs.